Authentication options

When you sign up/sign in to Papeeria, you can authenticate with either traditional email and password or with social account.


  1. When you sign up, we send you an email with a confirmation link. You need to click it, and after that you will be registered in Papeeria. Please note that sometimes email from us may have bad luck with spam filters, so if you don't find it in the inbox, try looking into Spam folder. In case of any troubles, don't hesitate to contact us
  2. We store your password in a hashed form, so we don't know it, and can't remind it to you. If you forget your password, you can request a password reset link to your email.
  3. Authentication data is sent over secure connection. Your browser should check validity of our security certificate, and if it says that something is wrong, do not ignore the warnings, and contact us

Social accounts

  1. When you sign up the very first time we redirect you to the social network you choose and it asks you to grant us some permissions. We request the very basic information (as defined by the social network), so we only know your ID and your name on the social network.
  2. The next time you use this method, most likely you will see no grant requests.
  3. We do not ask directly and do not receive behind the scenes your password from the social network.
  4. Email and social account are different authentication methods, which sometimes looks confusing: people often sign up with Google account, create a project, and in a few days start trying to sign in with their email account on GMail. That doesn't work.

    If you signed up to Papeeria with Google/Facebook/Twitter/VK account, use that account to sign in. If you signed up with email, sign in with email

Sign in method reminder

When you sign out, we remember authentication method in a cookie, so the next time you visit Papeeria (with the same browser) you'll see a greeting: "Hello %username%! Last time you signed in with %whatever%". If you see this, you're signed out, we just remember how did you sign in last time and remind it to you.